PEKA Advocates Close Appreciation with Nature

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In order to understand and appreciate the natural environment better, PEKA encourages her members to come close to nature with utmost care through activities such as “Tree Planting” and Jungle trekking such as “Save our Rainforest trail”.

“Save our Rainforest trail” was inspired by Puan Sri Sabrina Syed Akil (President of WSFFM). Participants from Women’s Sports and Fitness Foundation Malaysia (WSFFM) and other nature lovers from the public went into the deep forest of Raub to enjoy nature at its best, with fresh flowing clean water from beautiful streams and waterfalls. If not protected, these areas would be cleared and destroyed through ignorance and poor enforcement.

The Management of Tanah Aina, an eco resort, has generously sponsored the activity of understanding nature in order to help raise awareness protect forest treasures such as freshwater resources.