Forest Awareness Video for 2014

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We are proud to present our Forest Awareness Video for 2014.

Do take the time to watch, and share it to spread the awareness.

All footage are shot within the last few months and comprises of forest destruction around the nation (those declared legal and illegal).



A few words from us:

We are not speaking on behalf of the leaders of the country, we are not speaking on behalf of the legislation of the country. We are speaking on behalf of MOTHER NATURE.

Regardless of the legislation stating that logging of forest reserve is legal on the basis of it being a production forest /’degraded forest’ reserve, it remains that legislation is MAN-MADE. It is not written in stone. It can be changed.

It NEEDS to change. Why? Because the facts remain the same,
40% of earth’s oxygen is produced in tropical rain forests
30% of carbon dioxide released in the air comes from burning forests
1/2 of the world’s plants and animals species live in rainforest
80% of the developed world’s diet originated from tropical forests
121 prescription drugs sold world wide comes from rainforest
25% of western pharmaceutical derived from rainforest
70% of plants that are identified (3,000 identified) as active agents against cancer cells are found in rainforest
25% of the active ingredients in today’s cancer fighting drugs are only found in rainforests. These are SOME facts amongs many on the importance of forests.

Legality and Morality might overlap (hopefully in most cases) but it is exclusive from one another. Even if ALL of our forests are declared as forest reserves for production, and we log all of them, will our actions be legal? Yes.
But is it morally right?

Is it morally right to take away all of the rights our children have from the forests? Is it morally right to use up all of our resources for our consumption NOW and dismiss any for our future needs?

We are not concerned about legislations that are not serving us morally.

We are concerned about living and ensuring the planet is sustainable for human kind to live in for generations to come.

Legislations needs to be formed out of the rights of the majority of people, not the few in power. Decisions will still comes from us–the people who will suffer from the consequences of our actions towards Mother Nature. If the majority speaks out of the dissatisfactions, the legislations will become arbitrary.

PEKA IS SPEAKING OUT, are you with us?