Forum Media Khazanah Alam PEKA-MPI 2015

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Thank you Kosmo! For the feature of our forum yesterday!

Yesterday PEKA together with Malaysian Press Institute (MPI) organized an environmental forum for media entitled “Forum Media Khazanah Alam PEKA-MPI 2015″.

The forum comprised of two sessions which are “Post Disaster Lessons and Discussions” and “Environmental Destruction-Journalists Sharing Sessions” .

Panelists for session 1 were;
Our very own Dr. Razak, Vice President of PEKA
Mr. Henry Goh, President of Malaysian Nature Society
Mr Meor Razak, Reseacher from Sahabat Alam Sahabat Alam Malaysia – SAM
And En.Azman, environmental lecturer, UiTM

The second session witnessed a string of award-winning environmental reporters from various publications which are;
YBhg. Dato’ Mohd Zaini, Assistant Chief Editor Utusan Malaysia and winner of Kajai Award 2006
Mr. Mohd Faizal Editor Kosmo and winner of Kajai Award 2004
Ms. Isabella Lai, @The Star reporter and winner of PETRONAS Malaysian Journalism Award 2013
Ms. Tan Su Lin Astro Awani reporter and winner of GreenTech Award 2013.

Both sessions was moderated by Mr. T Selva, Senior Consultant Editor for Training and Legislation Affairs from The Star.

The forum’s conclusion were given to Ybhg. Dato’ Dr. Mohd Ali, Deputy Secretary General of the Ministry of Natural Resources Environment, in the form of Memorandum, who was present to officiate the forum.

The memorandum included 7 items which are:
I) Recommendation to freeze logging concessions in all states in Malaysia for a minimum period of at least 10 years

II) To urge for a mandatory law or conditions to replant trees logged at concession areas and firm actions to be taken in failure to do so

III) Suggestion for Council of State Land (Majlis Tanah Negara) to have a more proactive and decisive role in delivering government policies in controlling and preserving of forests to the State Governments and Federal Government

IV) To urge for National Forestry Policies to be reviewed and updated with the current national conditions

V) Recommendation to stop any forms of land conversion from forest land to plantation land for a long period of time.

VI) Recommendation for authorities to not include plantation forests as a percentage of the forest area in Malaysia as stated in under the National Forestry Act 1984.

VII) To urge for enforcement bodies to be strengthened and given priority through
additional allocations.

We would like to say a BIG thank you to everyone involved!

Big thank you also to our all sponsors for SORR 2015! Woohoo!