See Nature, See Life.

Nature is NOT an enemy nor an ATM machine. It is the most important friend that all living species of this world need and rely upon for their well-being and survival. Its resources must be used wisely and not for greed and power. It must be treated with respect and equality. All forms of natural environmental abuse MUST BE STOPPED.

Petition: Moratorium on Logging

To date, Peka had planted more than 20,000 forest trees and aim to plant more throughout Malaysia. Through our various green talks, events and programmes, we aim to communicate, educate and hopefully, re-connect humans back to nature and the true meaning of life.

PEKA, the acronym for Pertubuhan Pelindung Khazanah Alam Malaysia, means sensitive in the Malay language and reflect Peka members’ attitude and commitment toward its cause of preserving, conserving and protecting the natural environment and all its various biodiversity.

Interview with TV3

If you love life, If you love your loved ones, then you must defend, protect and be the voice of NATURE. Get Involved. Join Us to help Protect Malaysian Forest, its biodiversity and our indigenous people.